Tulsa People 
The series includes explosive, eye-catching portraits of influential Black American figures, including Muhammad Ali, Nina Simone, Angela Davis and James Baldwin, to list a few. 
Daugherty is biracial, identifying as both Black and white. He was moved to paint the series after perceiving in the art world an overwhelming tendency to present “Black suffering” whenever Black figures appear at all. 

The Black Wall Street Times
"Trueson’s unique space in his home, “The Parlour,” is inspired by the Renaissance period. It’s become a safe haven for community members who appreciate genuine connections, meaningful conversations, and immersive art experiences."

ASLUT Magazine
"Artist Trueson Daugherty believes in the power of movement. It’s why he’s committed to taking a seat. And inviting others to do the same...
In November, Trueson exhibited on the beach at Satellite Art Show during Miami Art Week 2022. He represented Tulsa, along with a coalition of current local artists..."

FOX23 News
"Multiple Tulsa artists have been selected to exhibit at the 7th annual 2022 Satellite Art Show during Miami Art Week in Miami, Florida....
This is an incredible opportunity to highlight my work to an international audience. I grew up homeschooled in the Unification Church. The internal conflict with leaving my religious upbringing behind is explored through my work with the retelling of biblical stories with me as roles I identify with. To share my struggles and growth through my art to the international art world is a dream come true,"

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