The Birth of Lucifer
Acrylic on carpet
90" X 63"

This painting is made of many layers of transparent to semi transparent paint soaked into the fibers of the rug. This provides a complex texture and depth unattainable with traditional canvas. The transparent layers allow much of the rugs pattern to show through the image where the artist chose. This effect plays into the trans dimensionality of Lucifer that is key to how the artist interprets the meaning of Genesis.

The Temptation of Eve
Acrylic on carpet
90" X 63"

This piece shows Eve and Lucifer in the Garden of Eden looking up at the fruit of knowledge of good and evil. Rev. Moon claimed that the serpent was a metaphor for Lucifer. He also claimed that neither the Tree of Life, or the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil were literal trees. Instead stating that the trees represent the stages of maturity that both Adam and Eve were supposed to achieve before participating in a conjugal relationship. The Unificationists believe that Lucifer seduced Eve out of jealousy for not receiving the same level of love that God showed to both Eve and Adam.

The Temptation of Adam
Acrylic on carpet
90" X 63"

Rev. Moon claims that almost no part of the Fall of Man as told in the Bible is to be taken literally. And that most of the story is written in metaphors and parables. Moon claims that Lucifer seduced Eve into a sexual relationship before she had reached full spiritual maturity. This caused Eve to be separated from God's blood lineage. Eve then repeated the act with Adam causing them both to fall under Lucifers dominion.

Eros and His Swans
Acrylic on Canvas
36'' X 48''
Made in collaboration with Zia Daugherty
The Offering of Cain
Acrylic on canvas
16" X 24 "
The Last Supper
Griptape on Skateboards
32" x 94"
Queen Rose Art House Collection

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